IT managed services: How they can help your business

Outsourcing a particular aspect of your business to experts allows your employees to focus on what your organisation's really about. Whether you hire external PR gurus or a team of IT specialists – it takes the pressure off internally and allows everyone to focus their main goals.

IT in particular requires a raft of expertise if you're to have a system that functions optimally. You'll likely have a number of different types of IT in your business, from your network to your website and any specialist applications you rely on. Hiring people with such breadth of expertise can be expensive and difficult. Finding an IT managed services company that can provide specialists across the board is often a simpler solution. 

Keeping up with technological change

Hiring someone who knows about today's technology is only useful right now.

Technology changes rapidly, so hiring someone who knows about today's technology is only useful right now. You need to allow them to keep training and learning on work time if you're to carry on benefiting from them as technology evolves.

When you work with a managed IT services provider, staying up to date with the latest tech trends is their bread and butter. Not only do they have an entire team of experts, they also have the in-house resources to stay abreast of new developments and they know where to access the best external training. It's in their interest to invest in ongoing training so they can continue to help existing customers and attract new ones.

This means you have a sounding board when you're thinking of upgrading your technology provision. There's no need to shy away from moving forward because you don't have someone on your staff who's confident in deploying new technology. You get the flexibility to follow your business goals, knowing that the IT solutions you need to do so are fully supported by your managed services team. Should you choose to move all your services over to a new cloud environment, for example, you don't need to train your existing employees – just let your external experts take care of it.

Move forward with technology with an IT managed services team.There's no reason not to move forward with technology when you have an IT managed services team supporting you.

Creating space for innovation

We all know of companies that have people mostly employed for one thing but who also provide informal support in something else – like IT. Perhaps there's that guy in finance who always knows how to fix your laptop and has become your team's go-to for any and all equipment issues. While it's great for them to have multiple skills, and perhaps it bolsters their own CV, they aren't able to focus on what you really employ them for. This means the level of efficiency and productivity you could get from them nosedives, which could have a direct impact on wider business operations.

You've also got flexibility in what types of IT services you sign up for.

Outsourcing your IT services allows your team to focus on their job, think creatively and make proactive improvements. You need them focused on helping you achieve your business goals, not being a general helper across the company. Allowing them the appropriate time gives them space to be innovative within their specific job function and really enhance your business.

You've also got flexibility in what types of IT services you sign up for, and how you adjust your package over time. If your internal IT guy upskills or someone has more time in their day to dedicate to your IT provision going forward, you can adjust your package accordingly. Crucially, part of your service level agreement might be minimising downtime, or 24-hour support so your customers are never left hanging.

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