Digital Dictation

Not only will Biztech's digital dictation services save you time, they'll also minimise errors - a crucial factor for medical and legal businesses.

What is digital dictation?

  • Digital dictation is a method of recording and editing the spoken word in real-time. Digital files can be quickly and safely downloaded to a PC, where they can be transcribed or distributed electronically to a transcription services provider.
  • For example, a dentist can dictate patient notes directly into their computer, even when the patient is in the room. The dictation is then sent immediately to a secretary or admin team, who can view whether it’s priority and act accordingly. Once transcribed, this is then sent back to the dentist for checking before being forwarded to the relevant parties. Both dentist and secretary can monitor workload, and the software can be set up for multiple users to ensure that dictations are picked up by whoever has time available – avoiding unnecessary duplication.

What digital dictation services does Biztech provide?

Biztech supplies Olympus branded digital dictation devices. Our digital dictation services include:

  • Installation.
  • Training on how to use the devices.
  • Ongoing maintenance and support, so any downtime for the technology is kept to a minimum.
  • Our experienced typing pool team will transcribe data for your ultimate convenience.

These services can be provided in addition to our Managed IT Service, or as a separate offering.

Mistakes are made, but they don’t have to be – not with Biztech’s digital dictation services. If you’re spending too much precious time taking notes by hand, or frequently having to correct errors, you’ll benefit from digital dictation services.

Who would benefit from digital dictation services?

  • Anyone who has to frequently take notes would benefit from digital dictation services. This is particularly the case for SMEs operating in the medical professions, where mistakes in notes could have serious consequences. Dentists and lawyers are also prime candidates for digital dictation services, as well as people who frequently conduct interviews or client meetings where they have to record important information.
  • Using digital dictation technology will save you time and effort. State-of-the-art digital devices pick up voices much better than tape recorders, and can be used anywhere – perfect for businesses on the move. Once recorded, the audio file will go straight to your office, meaning everyone has access to the information inside as quickly as possible. This means instead of spending time taking notes, you can work on what really matters – helping your customers and moving your business forward.

Why should you use Biztech’s digital dictation services?

Most Managed IT Services providers do not typically offer digital dictation services. However, here at Biztech, we go above and beyond for our clients. We know the value it can bring to our customers, which is why we offer full digital dictation installation and ongoing support.

We are the only authorised dealers of Olympus brand digital dictation technology. Olympus devices hold a number of advantages:

  • Superior sound quality.
  • Easy to use.
  • Multi-functional – you can customise them to suit your business’s needs.
  • High security – the data is encrypted, which is particularly important for those in the medical and legal professions, where patient and client records are confidential.
  • Can easily be used across multiple locations as each device has a long recording time.
  • Quickly sends the recording to the desired location.
  • Allows recordings to be sorted thematically, so you can find the information you need easily. Allows you to prioritise the most important tasks, either while recording or at a later date.