Managed IT Solutions

Biztech has offered Managed IT Services for over 25 years - no matter your business' requirements, we'll keep your SME's systems running smoothly.

Our Managed IT services include:

Proactive management of network devices.

Ensuring critical systems are secure from outside threats.

Ongoing maintenance and support of a business’ whole technology infrastructure.

Strategic IT planning and consulting.

Continual auditing of existing infrastructure in order to identify risks, discover opportunities and improve a client’s IT infrastructure.

Automated discovery of all IT systems and networks to provide a complete and detailed inventory of your operating environment.

Platform support for Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX and iOS, Linux, Android and Blackberry.

Put simply, you can outsource any and all of your IT services to us, and we’ll keep them running smoothly!

Why use a Managed IT Service from Biztech?

Biztech has worked hard to ensure our Managed IT Services are a cut above the rest. We have two types of payment options, giving you the flexibility your business requires:

Pay a 6-monthly fee and let Biztech take care of everything you might need.

Or go for a prepaid fee, where you can come to Biztech with your individual requirements. We’ll then deliver you a bespoke service based on how many hours and the type of support required.

This means our clients are able to fully customise their Managed IT Service in order to meet their individual business needs. For example, if you require frequent out-of-hours support, you can sign up to this as an extra service in addition to the normal Managed IT offering.

On top of this, Biztech is as close to a one stop shop Managed IT Service as you can get. We already cover most of your technology needs, but if you do require anything that we can’t normally deliver, we can easily connect you with one of our many partners who’ll be happy to help.

We’re proud to say our staff are experienced, professional, qualified and dedicated. Many of them have been with us for over 15 years, and all have at least a Bachelors in Computer Science, with the majority also qualified in other areas, such as FIPS.

Our customers recognise this great service – many of them have been with us as long as we’ve been in operation, during which we’ve helped them to revolutionise their IT systems and ultimately improve their organisation.

Biztech’s Managed IT Services could be just what you need to make your business a success. To find out more about how we can help you with your technology needs, contact us today.

Using a Managed IT Service means you’ll have a dedicated team of experienced professionals looking after your technology needs. You don’t have to worry about hiring IT employees, you simply pay a fee and let the experts take care of everything!

Our dedicated help desk means as soon as an issue arises you can ring a member of the Biztech team, who will help to diagnose your problem and deliver the appropriate help. No one wants to suffer from costly business downtime, and a Managed IT Service means any issues you encounter will be solved quickly and efficiently.

Are you unhappy with your existing IT service? Would you like more people involved, with more expertise? Or perhaps you’re establishing a new business, and want a Managed IT Service provider you can rely on, no matter your company’s requirements?

Biztech has over 25 years’ experience providing Managed IT Services for small to medium-sized enterprises across all industries. From lawyers and accountants to doctors and engineering firms, we’ve got you and your IT systems covered.

What Managed IT Services does Biztech provide?

Biztech provides small to medium-sized organisations with a complete Managed IT Service, meaning you can entirely outsource your IT department to us. We’ll take care of all ongoing maintenance, fix any issues your systems may encounter and run regular assessments to ensure you’re using the best technology for your business.

What are the advantages of using a Managed IT Service?

A business’s technology needs are complicated and always changing. Systems and processes have the power to make or break an organisation, and even the smallest business requires all sorts of IT solutions. Tools for communications, accounting, payroll task management… the list goes on.

It is unrealistic to expect one or two people to be able to establish, maintain and upgrade these systems as and when required. This is especially the case now cyberattacks are becoming more common. The types of threats businesses face on a daily basis are growing and becoming more sophisticated – and your IT services provider needs to be able to match this.

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