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The buzz around the Cloud means every business wants to move. Let Biztech offer expert Cloud solutions reporting to determine if the shift suits your company.

The advantages of Cloud solutions

It’s understandable why the Cloud has made such a tremendous impact in the business world – it offers enterprises of all sizes the chance to remotely store and access all operational data online without any need for in-house hardware or network infrastructure. Other advantages of Biztech’s Managed Cloud services include:

Often, switching to Cloud-based operations saves your business money in the long-term. It reduces the need for capital costs to cover in-house storage and associated expenses such as power and administration, and means you can pay for exactly what you use, making your operations more efficient as time goes on.

Cloud computing solutions are often more reliable than alternatives due to to their 24/7 availability and lack of maintenance requirements. Using it, your business can access the data they need, whenever they need it, no matter the circumstances.

Cloud solutions make managing your data and IT infrastructure easier. Through our central administration of resources, the Biztech team ensures all IT infrastructure updates, security notices and maintenance are handled efficiently. This leaves you to enjoy a simple web-based user interface for accessing software, applications and services.

Biztech’s approach to Cloud services

Our approach to Cloud services is a little unorthodox. We also believe in the value of detailed Cloud services cost modelling and solutions reporting to determine if moving an SME’s operations digitally is really the best fit moving forward.

Determining a business’s suitability for Cloud integration is a vital first step – too many companies choose the Cloud without first assessing the expense This can lead to wasted costs and time if digital services end up being an ill-fit with the organisation in question.

We start by preparing a Cloud services cost model, assessing the costs of partial or total movement to the Cloud. We will then test your business’s Cloud capabilities, assessing what areas of your operations you may struggle to move online and where security vulnerabilities may arise.

Lastly, our SME Cloud solutions reporting service provides feedback on the way your business could benefit, and offers recommendations for next steps. Only once we’ve consulted with you and decided on the most effective integration plan will the Biztech team start the process of relocating your operations to an offsite server.

Why choose Biztech’s managed Cloud services?Our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) means we can relocate your business data and services to the Cloud efficiently and easily should you choose that option, while your email and communications will be hosted on Microsoft Office 365. This hybrid solution ensures our clients can enjoy the positives of two major names in Cloud computing services.

Why choose Biztech’s managed Cloud services?

Partnering with Biztech for your move to Cloud-based computing solutions is a sound decision because of one decisive factor: experience. Our expert team have years of expertise in delivering Cloud services to our SME clients, laying the foundations for future business innovation and success. It’s this experience that informs our diligent approach to Cloud services cost modelling and solutions reporting – we know that unless businesses start off on the right foot, they’re unlikely to achieve the success their hard work merits.

Our team is committed to limiting your costs throughout the process while still delivering high-quality Cloud services, ensuring you only pay for what you need. To help our experienced team implement Cloud solutions, Biztech invests in regular AWS-certified industry training. This gives our team up-to-date grounding in Cloud computing and enables them to deliver more effective guidance on the right Cloud product for your business.

Another vital element to this experience is being able to offer advice on data security and contingency plans. Your enterprise should always back up data on a server to ensure nothing will affect your business’s long term operational effectiveness. We can also offer a secure assessment of the relevant authentication points and authorities, making certain your business data stays protected from online threats and cyber issues.

Think your business might be ready for a move to the Cloud? For more information on our cost modelling and SME Cloud solutions reporting, or even just to get some advice from the team about how the Cloud can help get your business to where you want it to be, don’t hesitate to reach out to Biztech today.

Every business wants to move to the Cloud. Such is the buzz of the digital storage and remote server network solution that the term seems to automatically be associated with innovation and business growth. While moving your operations to the Cloud may have a number of benefits for your small business, it doesn’t suit everyone. This is where the advice of Cloud services providers such as Biztech can help organisations determine if Cloud computing is really the right fit.

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