Web Vulnerability Testing


Web Vulnerability Testing

A company’s cybersecurity posture is only as good as its weakest link. It only takes a single vulnerability for a malicious actor to slip through defences or for sensitive data to be inadvertently exposed.

Every system, application and end point needs to be as secure as possible to prevent a costly data breach or leakage incident. No matter the industry, market or size, businesses across the country should routinely assess current security strategies and conditions to quickly spot and fix security vulnerabilities.

Company websites and various web applications can be entry points for cyber criminals, malware and other threats to put the security and integrity of sensitive data at risk.

Biztech’s web vulnerability testing services identify the most glaring lapses in an organisation’s security posture, focusing on the web applications used to drive business on a daily basis. Our security experts also provide hands-on guidance and consultation to help plug those holes and improve overall security standing.


Web vulnerability testing: Essential for robust security

The web applications and websites businesses rely on to manage everyday tasks are often vulnerable to a variety of security threats. If left unchecked, those web vulnerabilities could put an organisation at risk for a major data breach or another type of security incident.

Web applications are especially vulnerable to SQL injection attacks, which enable unauthorised users to execute SQL commands and potentially access or alter sensitive information. Given the important role SQL databases play in managing websites and web applications, businesses should be extremely cognizant of this particular threat. Many organisations lack the necessary safeguards to protect against these types of attacks, however, and leave themselves open to data exposure.

With IT footprints becoming more complex, especially as businesses expand and work with new vendors and business partners, security teams have to cope with a greater number of endpoints. Each one of those endpoints presents a possible security liability if not properly addressed.

Web vulnerability assessments bring such security risks to light and give businesses the opportunity to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals and head off an expensive security incident before it occurs.

Assess security standing with web vulnerability scanner solutions

A risk background check and vulnerability assessment needs to check every possible point of failure in your security posture. Web vulnerability scanners are the best tools available to run thorough reviews of website and web application platforms and identify any potential security issues.

Biztech security experts use the latest and most sophisticated web vulnerability scanning tools — including open source web scanners — to detect any vulnerabilities, configuration issues, privacy concerns or unauthorised activity that might put businesses at risk.

Web scanner tools review every aspect of a website or web application, analysing HTML properties, URLs, links, form fields, HTTP encryption services and much more. Our security team leaves no stone unturned, checking every inch of a company’s web presence for potential problems and keeping the network secure.

At the same time, Biztech security professionals are sensitive to our customers’ privacy concerns. We take every precaution to safeguard or anonymise security assessment data to protect the integrity of sensitive information and records.

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scanning process

Biztech’s web vulnerability scanning process.

Our web application vulnerability assessment services are part of a holistic risk background check and review that delivers end-to-end security analysis — as well as some much-needed peace of mind for business leaders. Biztech security teams review every layer of critical web applications to ensure they are positioned to defend against every possible security threat, from SQL injections to cross-site scripting attacks.

Biztech’s vulnerability testing process has been refined and optimised over the years to adapt to the shifting cyber security landscape and shine a light on every possible web vulnerability:

  1. Define the objectives of the vulnerability assessment.

  2. Establish the project scope of the review, whether it will be limited to the web server and other web-based properties or extended to platforms across the entire organisation such as operating systems. Our team also determines whether to conduct the test externally or from within the enterprise network.

  3. Gather data on the infrastructure, software and applications involved in your business’s network and day-to-day operations. This can involve separate research for different system nodes.

  4. Detect vulnerabilities using the latest web vulnerability scanning tools and separate real threats from potential false positives.

  5. Compile vulnerability and opportunities information into a comprehensive report with actionable points for future planning and enhancement.

Biztech security experts flush out harmful vulnerabilities

Ignorance is anything but bliss when it comes to cyber security. It only takes a single security vulnerability to compromise sensitive data and put an entire organisation at risk for a major security event. Businesses need to make security vulnerability management a priority moving forward, taking every opportunity to boost their security awareness and fix potential security gaps before they become larger problems.

Biztech’s security experts understand how quickly the current threat landscape is evolving and know what threats and risks to look for during a vulnerability scan and review. We consult the latest security best practices, including the Open Web Application Security Project’s (OWASP) top vulnerabilities list to protect customers from the most harmful and damaging threats to their businesses.

Our security professionals combine the best security tools and methods, from web vulnerability scanning solutions to server configuration reviews, to provide the most effective and dynamic application security testing services available.

Stay ahead of cyber security threats with web vulnerability tests

Security awareness is your best resource to defend against potential threats and data breach risks. Once you understand exactly where vulnerabilities exist in your security posture, you can begin to update your applications, networks and systems to address the most glaring issues and boost your security standing. Biztech security experts are here to help shine a light on those vulnerabilities and prevent a costly data breach.

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