How email phishing uses your own data against you

Phishing emails continue to be one of the most harmful cyber threats facing Australian businesses today. Biztech’s new eBook covers everything you need to know to prevent a costly cyber attack or data breach.

email hook

Our eBook highlights several best practices to defend against phishing attacks, including:

  • Keeping personal or private information out of public view.
  • Addressing the threat presented by dark web activity.
  • Boosting your overall security posture.

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Phishing emails are the No. 1 cause of data breaches in Australia, costing the nation $1.5 million in 2019 alone. Our new eBook discusses the tactics cyber criminals use to leverage business and employee data to support their phishing attacks and take advantage of security lapses.

Want to learn how to defend your business against such costly cyber attacks? Download our email phishing security guide today!