The 5 big cybersecurity threats that could face your business in 2019

The cybersecurity world is constantly changing – Biztech’s new ebook determines five of the major cyber threats facing Australian enterprises in 2019!


The security threats we focus on in this eBook include:

  • Misuse of your central processing unit systems through illicit cryptojacking.
  • Employees mistakes and scam abuse leading to insider threats
  • Inflexible AI security weaknesses
  • Outdated processes causing data leaks
  • A lack of IT expertise to strengthen your security architecture

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The cybersecurity world is constantly changing, meaning enterprises of all sizes need to keep aware of the major online threats. Australian businesses are particularly vulnerable – nearly 250 organisations nationwide notified the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner about major data breaches between July and October in 2018 alone.

Our new eBook ‘The 5 cybersecurity threats that could face your business in 2019’ analyses the online business security landscape and determines the pressing cybersecurity issues facing national organisations.

Within we discuss emerging threats to business’ eCommerce such as cryptomining and data security. We also cover outstanding cybersecurity problems such as insider threats, and offer guidance on how enterprises can address these concerns with expert IT security solutions.

This comprehensive guide to the cybersecurity threats faced by organisations in 2019 is the first step on the road to peace of mind about a business’ place in the online world. Armed with this knowledge, and Biztech’s specialist support, organisations can face a new year and new growth with confidence that valuable online infrastructure is secure.

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