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Network Security Architecture Review Services

Defending against cyber attacks and data breaches requires the full support of the organisation. The entire infrastructure needs to be fully optimised, configured and set up in such a way to prevent both external and internal threats from putting sensitive data and critical assets at risk.

Biztech’s network security architecture review services take a comprehensive approach to risk and vulnerability assessment, ensuring your network infrastructure and underlying IT environment both support a strong security posture.


Why do businesses need network security architecture reviews?

Cyber criminals, malicious actors and other threats probe defenses searching for any vulnerability to exploit and gain access to an organisation’s network. Achieving strong cyber resilience goes beyond having the right security tools in place — it includes access and security controls, user authentication measures, network architecture and system design.

A comprehensive network security architecture review checks that every potential access point and security vulnerability is addressed and that businesses have minimised their operational risk.

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Biztech’s network security architecture review process

Running routine security architecture reviews and risk assessments is highly recommended to ensure your information security infrastructure can defend against the latest threats and will continue to protect against cyber threats for the foreseeable future.

Biztech’s network security architecture review services cover various areas of system design to run a complete vulnerability and risk assessment:

  • Analyse remote access points to your system.

  • Assess authentication and security controls.

  • Review patch management proc esses.

  • Evaluate overall security policies and strategies.

While our process is comprehensive, our expert team also zeroes in on the areas of your network architecture that are the most critical to cyber resilience and overall security posture. By prioritising these critical points during risk assessments, Biztech helps businesses raise their security standing and comply with minimum data security, privacy and control requirements.

Meet security requirements and best practices

Biztech’s security review services are designed around the latest industry requirements, data security best practices and expert guidance. In particular, our security teams check that every client aligns with the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s (ACSC) “Essential Eight Maturity Model.” In this way, we help organisations incorporate the best security strategies to prevent and mitigate data breaches.

The Essential Eight details baseline security measures that every business should employ:

1 application control

Application control

2 Patch management for applications

Patch management
for applications

3 Configuration settings

Configuration settings

4 Web application security

Web application security

5 user access control

User access control

5 Patch management for operating systems

Patch management
for operating systems

7 multi-factor auth

Multi-factor authentication

8 data backup

Data backup and recovery

Each of these security controls target different layers of security and aspects of cyber resilience:

Preventing malware delivery and network access from external forces.

Mitigating security incidents and limiting their impact.

Maximising system and network availability.

In addition to the ACSC’s Essential Eight, Biztech consults a variety of other security standards and regulatory frameworks to help your business align your security policy with the latest recommendations from the leading cyber security experts.

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Protect your entire organisation from cyber threats

Biztech offers comprehensive risk assessment services from leading cyber security experts. Our network security architecture review services analyse existing security controls and potential vulnerabilities from every vantage point, giving you the most comprehensive risk assessment and security review available.

Modern businesses deal with much more complex security demands as they manage diverse IT environments that include on-premises and cloud solutions. Biztech network security services are continually refined and enhanced to account for the latest challenges and threats facing organisations today. We address nuances such as securing cloud architecture while supporting the functionality and flexibility needed to pursue business objectives in competitive markets.

Having a strong cyber security strategy is good for your organisation, your customers and your business partners. As cyber threats increase in number and complexity, a comprehensive network security architecture review should be a routine process for any risk management strategy. Biztech has the expertise and experience to help your business minimise your cyber risk and insulate your organisation from a costly data breach.

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