Email Threat Analysis

Partnered with enterprise cybersecurity provider Trend Micro, we use a hosted email security analysis product to screen incoming emails from spam, malware and phishing scams. This limits the chances of one of your employees accidentally opening a malicious email and exposing your system to viral risk.

Every industry is unique – the threats and compliance requirements facing a business in one sector are usually totally different in another. This makes threat analysis for your wireless data exchange, web application information gathering and communications essential.

One key aspect of threat analysis that many businesses fail to consider is the risk stemming from a lax approach to cybersecurity from those who use your enterprise network everyday. Clients, suppliers and business partners with access to your enterprise network may expose your connectivity to threats simply through accessing a dangerous website or clicking on spam email. Threat analysis is as much an educational process on best practice as it is a dedicated audit of the most common industry threats facing your unique operations.

Part of the dedicated Biztech security solutions process is comprehensively reviewing the wireless connectivity threats facing your organisation, new or historic. This includes analysing employee use of the internet and email account security. From there, we can compile an expert report on what the best security measures are for your business moving forward.