Firewall Audit Services

A firewall audit is the perfect way to analyse how effective your security measures actually are, rather than what you think they are. How can you be certain that an external security solutions provider has offered you the exact product needed otherwise?

Firewall Audit Services

Cyber security posture must constantly evolve.

Businesses need to be absolutely certain that their security measures are up to date and capable of defending the latest threats.

Every good cyber security plan includes a strong defensive perimeter that stops incoming threats in their tracks. A firewall audit is the perfect way to analyse how effective those defences are and identify any shortcomings that could put your business at risk.

Biztech uses the latest auditing tools to assess the performance of various firewall products and ensure they are effectively protecting business networks and data in real time.

Biztech’s firewall audit process

Our cyber security experts run thorough assessments on firewall configurations, rules and performance to verify that every Biztech customer has the right firewall security to defend againsts the most dangerous external threats.

Our firewall audit process includes:

  • Testing remote access to the network to ensure there are not external data threats.
  • Reviewing all third-party services and applications to determine if they may leave your operational data exposed.
  • Checking administrative accounts to ensure your firewalls adhere to data security best practices.

Auditing firewall configurations

Firewalls are only as effective as their configurations, which can either lock down the network parameter or open the door for an external threat. If the firewall configurations are too rigid, however, they may impede normal business operations. Companies need an expert eye to determine what the right firewall configuration is for their network and their organization.

Biztech cyber security professionals review current firewall configurations and suggest changes to align them with the latest industry standards and best practices. All recommendations are tailored to each client, accounting for specific business needs, user access controls and risk tolerance.

Setting effective firewall rules

Biztech security audits prioritise firewall rules since these settings have a major impact on an organisation’s network security posture. Rules that allow risky behaviour, such as permitting any IP address access the network, significantly increase the likelihood of a data breach or other type of security event.

Our firewall audits flag such permissive rules and identify other potential risks that should be addressed to strengthen network security and prevent external threats from accessing the company’s internal network. With years of experience, Biztech can help any organisation refine their firewall security policy to optimise rule changes and prevent any unintended permissive action.

Reviewing firewall logs

Firewall logs are valuable sources of information regarding the performance perimeter defenses and provide more insight into firewall security. With every firewall audit, Biztech security experts analyse the logs to determine the effectiveness of any recent rule change and look for opportunities to improve network security. Creating a comprehensive audit log file also allows business leaders to see if any unauthorised adjustments have been made to firewall settings.

Generating firewall audit reports

Biztech firewall audits give our clients a complete breakdown of their network security posture, including overarching risk analysis and more granular and detailed firewall review information. Our security professionals ensure security measures effectively protect business networks and data while also supporting the normal day–to–day operations companies depend on. Conducting regular firewall audits keeps organisations protected from the latest threats without compromising their core functionality.

Complying with security, privacy and control requirements

Business need to adhere to a wide range of data security, privacy and controls standards, which can vary depending on an organisation’s specific industry, customer base, location and other factors.

Regular firewall audits help businesses comply with these requirements, creating audit logs that demonstrate all the steps taken to secure networks, establish access controls and protect data. Firewall audits also alert organisations to potential compliance issues that need to be addressed.

Maintain the best network security posture

Cyber security best practices rapidly change to keep up with the shifting threat landscape. Your network security and firewall policy need to continually improve to address all the latest risks and compliance demands.

Biztech’s firewall audits identify vulnerability in your security posture before they can lead to a costly data breach. Our security experts know how to meet security and compliance requirements without disrupting normal business operations. Contact Biztech today to learn more about our firewall auditing services and schedule your next security audit.

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