IT managed services: How they can help your business

Technology drives business, but that underpinning hardware, software and infrastructure can also stand in the way of progress if they're not properly managed. Outdated platforms prevent businesses from adopting new solutions, operational costs cut into the bottom line and overworked IT staff are left with little time to devote to more strategic initiatives.

Keeping with day-to-day IT requirements can be a major headache for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which is why so many are flocking to the managed services model. According to a 2019 IDC study, Australia's managed cloud services market will continue to increase at a 20% compound annual growth rate through 2022, when it will reach $2.86 billion.

Managed IT services offer more flexibility, expert support and the latest technology – all at a relatively affordable cost. SMEs that completely handle their IT needs internally with an on-site team should consider shifting some of those tasks to an experienced managed services provider. Here's how managed IT services can help any business.

Reduce your IT costs

Over the past several years, IT expenditures have continued to rise across many industries in Australia. Gartner does not expect 2020 to be any different in that regard. The analyst firm predicts a 4.3% increase in IT spending across the country this year, reaching $96.4 billion. By 2021, that figure will eclipse $100 billion.

It's no wonder that IT costs keep going up: Managing increasingly sophisticated technology, along with meeting ever-rising user demands and specialised IT skill requirements, is an expensive endeavour. Adding up expenses for hardware, networking, software and personnel, it becomes clear that IT's reputation as a cost centre is richly deserved.

The cost of on-prem IT management adds up fast.The cost of on-prem IT management adds up fast.

Managed IT services can help reduce many of those expenditures while improving organisational productivity and performance. For instance, SMEs don't need to spend as much on maintaining, repairing or replacing on-prem hardware because that day-to-day work is handled by the service provider. Rather than pay an enormous amount of money for on-site staff to work around-the-clock keeping critical IT equipment in good shape, businesses can entrust those tasks to a managed services provider.

The cost benefits of managed IT services really start to shine over the long term. Managed service providers are able to proactively maintain assets, addressing problems that could worsen and require a complete replacement down the road.

Receive expert IT support

Even the best IT teams have trouble keeping up with every task and demand that's tossed their way. Inevitably, certain jobs get placed on the back burner or fall through the cracks. Furthermore, assembling an IT staff with the specialised skills needed to tackle every demand or requirement that could come up in today's business environment is impractical. There's simply too much ground to cover and not enough resources to handle it all.

One of the key benefits that managed IT services offer is 24/7 support from IT experts. The best managed service providers have staff who are well-versed in various aspects of IT, from maintenance to network management to cyber security. They can provide expert guidance and assistance without the significant expense of hiring and onboarding a dedicated in-house team.

Asking IT staff to work outside business hours to maintain your IT environment – or worse, leave it unattended for long stretches of time – is no longer necessary. Managed IT services keep an eye on your most important technology assets to ensure it all runs at peak performance levels. Potential issues can be quickly remediated, preventing costly downtime and other problems.

With managed IT services, businesses receive enterprise-level support without the hefty price tag.

Managed IT service providers offer expert-level support from industry veterans.Managed IT service providers offer expert-level support from industry veterans.

Optimise your IT environment

IT optimisation is an ongoing effort, requiring continual visibility into the technology stack, network performance and business software to address potential risks and refine performance at all levels. SMEs may not have the time or manpower needed to stay on top of their IT infrastructure, letting outdated or underperforming systems hold them back.

Managed IT service providers offer auditing capabilities that can identify and address any lingering issues while also bringing to light opportunities for operational improvement. That includes optimising the performance of network devices so employees and end users alike can always access important applications and assets.

Leading managed service providers like Biztech also incorporate security solutions in their offerings, safeguarding critical systems from external threats.

Even the smallest business has a large IT footprint today. The sheer number of applications, systems and platforms that organisations have to manage can overwhelm IT staff. As a result, they struggle to just "keep the lights on," letting strategic, revenue-driving opportunities fall by the wayside.

Biztech's managed IT services take care of all the heavy lifting involved in day-to-day business operations, freeing up your staff to focus on those more valuable tasks. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help your business.