IT maintenance you should be doing regularly

It's important that companies run regular IT maintenance checks on their systems to prevent a number of factors that could compromise their business. Every aspect of business network solutions, from the cloud to cyber security to the hardware used each day must be properly maintained, updated and, when necessary, replaced to guard against vulnerabilities.

Vulnerabilities can come in the form of not only hackers or cyber criminals, but also system errors, outdated software that is no longer compatible with other managed IT solutions, crashes and other breakdowns. These issues can result in company downtime, meaning financial losses and extra revenue spent on repairs and replacements.

So, what IT systems and platforms need to be regularly maintained, either in-house or outsourced to a professional team that specialises in advanced solutions?

1. File storage

File saving and storage must be priorities because data is king at any business.

Consider how much sensitive data is floating around company servers – not only about corporate finances, but also about employees, products and services and other crucial aspects. Any loss or vulnerability could be catastrophic.

Maintenance would require regular updates to data storage locally (think on a shared drive where there is central access to those who need it), as well as to the cloud. There also needs to be a regular file naming convention adhered to. 

2. Cyber security

If one aspect of IT maintenance is the most important, it might be cyber security. The first thing is to ensure that all devices that access the company network are outfitted with virus protection software, and that the network is password-protected. Installing a firewall is also crucial. Regular security scans are key, and can be performed in house. It would also be a good idea to educate those accessing your network and files on key behaviours like phishing, malware and other common breaches.

3. Backups

Along the same lines as file storage, you need to make sure the bulk of your data is backed up regularly, in case of a disaster. Whether your network crashes or there is an unforeseen natural disaster, accidents do happen. While the file storage aspect can help protect you on-site, you should also maintain and consistently update an offsite backup should your physical office be compromised. This can be at an off-premises data centre, but many opt for the cloud given accessibility and cloud security benefits. Cloud testing is also a necessity.

4. Hardware checks

When doing IT maintenance checks, it can be easy to get bogged down in checking systems and platforms, but don't forget about your tangible equipment, as this is as easy as crucial for your company. You should run regular system updates, regularly check wires, connections and monitors and pay attention to noises.

According to Tech Donut, a good rule of thumb is that much of the time, parts of desktop computers can be replaced, but laptop parts should be left to the professionals. The latter also applies to smartphones and tablets – they tend to be custom and should be updated and repaired by manufacturers and other professionals. 

While some business IT support and maintenance can be done in-house, a number of tasks are best left to the professionals. Some important processes are too difficult and require advanced knowledge – done wrong, they can leave entire systems, and your company vulnerable. This is where the IT experts at BizTech can help. The team can aid in services including penetration testing, wireless project solutions, cloud services and other important maintenance processes that can keep your company safe and functioning.