How does digital dictation transcription software work

Time is of the essence for all businesses. But, for medical practitioners, lawyers and other small business setups where one person is charged with running all operations, this is especially true.

Basic activities like note taking and administration can become extremely time-consuming and contribute to undue mental stress. This stress makes up more than 90 per cent of very serious workplace mental health disorder workers’ compensation claims. It’s also the cause of a further quarter of all mental health-related issues in businesses nationwide, shows WorkSafe Australia.

Cutting the time and repetitive stress injuries associated with excess notation and administration is obviously a must – which is where digital dictation software comes in.

What is digital dictation?

This is the process of transcribing audio recordings into text files. Software isolates and processes individual sound segments, breaking down each syllable into text. High-quality transcription software, such as the product offered by Biztech, is tailored to small business owners and adaptable to the sound of an individual’s voice. This ensures any speech eccentricities are accounted for with accurate transcription, meaning you’ll never miss a word.

Audio recording and transcription can save small business owners hours instead of writing or typing notes.
Audio recording and transcription can save small business owners hours instead of writing or typing notes.

What are the benefits of digital dictation?

Reduced time spent making notes or filling out paperwork leaves individuals free to pursue value-added tasks: attending to patients, consulting with clients, or focusing on improving your operations.

Time-pressure induced stress contributes to more than 90 per cent of mental health workers’ compensation claims.

Recording your thoughts and using digital transcription also allows you to quality-check your work. Use the audio file to compare against your text document, making it easier to search for mistakes that could be damaging down the track.

Another benefit offered with digital dictation software is a choice in how this information is processed – we can offer expert transcription services from our typing pool team as an alternative to direct-to-text transcription, meaning you get another pair of eyes on your notes to ensure all communication is clear.

Biztech’s digital dictation options

Our dedicated experts have years of experience in partnering with small businesses, offering technology and managed IT solutions that can help them gain precious time and improve workflow. We offer a range of leading software products from respected industry names such as Olympus and Dragon Voice Recognition, and our team can help with installation, product training and repair services for all equipment and software.

To find out more about how transcription software works or to find out how it can be integrated into your business’s day-to-day, contact the Biztech team today for assistance.