3 ways using managed network services saves your NSW business

Your business will live and die by its network. Get it right, and your employees will be able to work to peak efficiency, connect with customers and build for the future from a solid base. Poor management, however, can lead to trouble and stifled development.

Does your managed network meet any of the following criteria?:

  • It needs to connect multiple outlets or sites.
  • It will soon grow beyond the capacity of current access infrastructure.
  • It's becoming more difficult to manage and data limits are regularly being exceeded.

If your network ticks any of these boxes, it may be time for you to consider employing a NSW managed network service provider.

Why can't I manage my network myself?

Margins are tight for many small business owners, meaning every dollar spent has to be worth the investment. Because of this mindset, many think that cutting corners when it comes to their network is fine. But in an increasingly digitised world, an enterprise's network is becoming an undoubted cornerstone of operations. Without your network working to peak efficiency, you risk lost contact with customers and suppliers, lowered employee morale and reduced business output.

Managing your business' wireless network is a full-time task.Managing your business's wireless network is a full-time task.

This means you need to be on constant alert in managing your system to ensure all inter-site links are functional and your data is secure.

If this maintenance becomes too much, the risk of lost productivity through downtime increases. And this risk has a dollar value, estimated by managed IT experts Zetta to be around $8,000 per hour for small businesses. This is a lot of money to lose over the course of a year focusing on an element of your business in which you may not be expert – which is why professional help is a must.

Three benefits to using managed network providers

Turning to managed network provider offers a number of cost savings for your NSW business:

1) Saving on network management costs

Managing your network ad-hoc can become extremely costly over time, especially as your business changes and grows year-to-year. While using a managed network provider does come at a cost, you can be certain that this investment delivers dividends in the form of a business network that is fit-for-purpose and scaled to match your budget.

Managing your network in-house can be far more expensive in the long run as you either need to recruit an IT expert or try to manage this process on your own. You can easily go off budget as a result.

You can save significantly in the long-run by investing in managed network services rather than going it alone.You can save significantly in the long-run by investing in managed network services rather than going it alone.

2) Saving your business from costly network mistakes

Managing an internal enterprise network isn't easy – SME owners are already time-poor, so devoting more resources to an area of their business in which they're not expert isn't ideal. Additionally, this area of your operations requires extensive IT expertise, which not everyone has. Experts in managed technology will be able to inform you about what moves to make and when to make them. This ensures your business will never miss a chance for network growth or fail to take advantage of a digital tool which can assist operations. 

3) Saving customers from disappointment

Any issues that affect your business network can have a devastating knock-on effect to your customers. You want to avoid this at all costs, especially in the early days of operation. Any negative reputation for your business around data security could spell the end to any customer relationship with your brand.

If you move your business network offsite and ensure it's protected with professional security services, you'll make certain that your customers' data will remain unaffected, even if your premises go offline due to an issue such as a power outage.

Partnering with expert network service providers

Whether you want to optimise the performance of your network, upgrade to a cloud solution or simply better coordinate your data storage, Biztech is the ideal managed network partner for all manner of businesses across NSW. For more information on how you can save with managed network services, contact our expert team today.