Vulnerability Assessment

We can carry out a total analysis of your computer systems, identifying, classifying and reporting on vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure and essential applications. Our dedicated and experienced team can then run a risk background check and offer recommendations on specific solutions to addressing and repairing weaknesses.

We analyse your computer systems to identify, classify and report on vulnerabilities in your connectivity and business applications, following these steps:

  • Defining the vulnerability assessment objectives.
  • Establishing the project scope, determining whether to conduct the test from within the enterprise network or externally.
  • Gathering data on the infrastructure, software and applications involved in your business’s network. This can involve separate research for different system nodes.
  • Detecting system vulnerabilities using expert data security scanner tools.
  • Compiling vulnerability and opportunities information into a report with actionable points for future planning.

It can be easy when launching an enterprise network to overlook testing for vulnerabilities within the system. But this step guarantees your business can withstand a range of cyber threats and pressures without compromising client, employee and operational data security.