Security Architecture Review

The Biztech team will cover numerous security-critical areas of system design. This includes analysing remote access points to your system, authentication methods and how your network applies patches and upgrades. We can then report back on these specific elements of your SME’s security architecture and offer advice on the next steps you should take.

One of the most basic security services tools available to organisations is the security architecture review. This goes further than just analysing your business’s defences against cyber threats – it considers the entire lifecycle of your network infrastructure and security platforms to identify whether or not your existing architecture is adequate for the future.

The Biztech team covers several security-critical areas of network design. This includes analysing external system access points, authentication factors and network upgrade processes. This helps us generate a comprehensive report on your security architecture and offer feedback on how to meet requirements under the national ‘Essential Eight’ network security model. This project ensures all organisations comply with a minimum standard of data security, better protecting your business, customers and external partners.